House of S.M.O.K



is the ensemble that does not fear the edges - who treats their audience with new music, fascinating stagings and surreal performances tilting reality. With voices, bodies, objects, visuals and sound they tell the stories, explore the space and make you think.

Step inside a world of associative thinking and experience the power of sounds and voices. Live-electronics hidden in poetic objects, invisible instruments and moving pictures are reoccurring elements of the productions from the House of S.M.O.K. Current focus is on various collaborations.

S.M.O.K has presented more than 20 productions since it began in -94,  performing in festivals, theatres, concert halls, art venues as well as in public spaces throughout Sweden and internationally.

”SMOK triggers a flood of emotions within us..”

“Chip and Dale in a digital meat grinder” (Arbetarbladet)

”this is grand art: an experiment with language that, with the greatest presence and concentration...” (Gävle Dagblad)

”...astonishing virtuoso expressions in a happening-like cantata..” (SvD)


Swedish Modern Opera ensemble - S.M.O.K

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